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got held up three years. the public was put at d bx all of this time with nobody available to do training while they fight over whether to get time and a half. >> now whether or not raymond zach became a political pawn is not being decided in this situad" íñ instead the judge is deciding if those firefighters had the duty to rescue him or the immune toy avoid a phone shallly dangerous situation. the decision is expected to come down as early as this friday. >> thank you. >> sky 7 hd is live right now over an antipolice rally and march in san francisco. protestors just began marching down 24th street at mission. it's in response to a controversial arrest two weeks ago in the mission district. take a look at this you tube video.
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organizers say it shows police abusing san francisco community college student kevin clark there. is no word why on officers initially targeted clark. protesters say they're marching to stop what they call racist police brutality them. do say at rest was valid. this again live picture from sky 7 hd over that march. >> we'll continue to report on that for you. scattered showers are moving aconsiders the bay area. people were running for cover this, is what it looked like in the north beach neighborhood. in oakland caltrans crews scrambled to clear a tree this, was the scene from sky 7 hd. this is not the last of the rain. spencer christian is here with a look. >> you can see much of the bay area is not receiving rainfall$4@
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in the north bay an expanding area of active weather that will hit land soon. parts of sonoma county and marin county getting rainfall now. you can see impressive pockets of shower activity. they will eventually.0vqe rainfall totals have not been very impressive. wet spot is mount st. helena. what's happening here is a cold uns showers off shore. getting later into evening hours we'll see more wet spots and colder air filtering in. we might see isolated thunderstorms or possibly snow into highest bay area peaks. >> planning for a big bay bridge celebration is underway it's 207 days until opening of the newdxbñ eastern span of the bridge. but what the celebration will
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be has yet to be worked out. one thing is for sure it will be expensive. abc 7 news is live at treasure island tonight. >> there are sort two of major parts to planning for celebration. one is the more dry stuff like transportation and public safety that will likely be paid for with public funds toll money. the other part sft party that will have to be paid for through private funding. before the new bay bridge opens to traffic thexfcsñ public will be invited on to the bridge on foot for a walk from oakland to san francisco. remember the 50th anniversary? 300,000 people on the bridge at once nearly brought the bridge down. >> a lot of people in a small space way more than cars do. >> a walk across the bridge will be done in groups of no
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more than 15,000. >> these events the bridge walk, that is planned for labor day itself september 2 is going to be a preregistration event. >> the toll authority estimates it will cost $5.6 million for basics. this money going to the same production company handling giants victory parade there. is talk of other events like a run bike ritd and fire works. golden gate bridge bash was paid for by fund raising through a nonprofit that. is what would be required as well. the nonprofit called bay bridge alliance is aiming for four to $5 million. >> this is a work in progress. we're working with major organizations and companies to get them to commit the necessary found do this.
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>> so 5 plt $6 million in toll money that would be used for public safety and transportation that, would be coming out of the existing bay bridge construction project budget coming out of what is called contingency part of the budget. so no new money that. still has to be approved next week wednesday by the metropolitan transportation commission. >> heather, thank you. in southern california tonight a major ski resort has been forced to close and a school district placed under lock dmoun a hunt fr a disgruntled excop who has gone on a shooting rampage. the gunman's pickup truck was found on a hillside near big bear in the mountains of san bernardino county east of los angeles them found trackw!!n% nears by and search dogs are scouring the woods for him now. the man is christopher dorner issued a manifesto saying he
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wants to clear his name after being fired by the los angeles police department five years ago. on sunday authorities believe he killed a daughter of of a former lapd office skbrer her boyfriend in irvine. today he's suspected of killing an officer skb wounding another in riverside. bewe have the story live now in los angeles.epju>[c÷ brandy? >> geechk, dan police have found christopher dorner's truck, the situation is very tense right now in this region. as mentioned dorner was not with bw'rt. footprints were found but police don't know if this accused cop killer is long gone or hiding out nearby. this burned out vehicle is the biggest clue yet in a manhunt for christopher dorner. detectives found his truck in the mountains 90 miles outside los angeles. >> we're sending everything up here teams now surround
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wilderness looking for dorner. >> plos say he shot two officers this morning in riverside, killing wun they were stopped and just ambushed by the suspect. >> minutes earlier in corona another target. detectives say a bullet grazed an officer's head as dorner sped away in his gray truck. revenge killings after dorner claims he was fired by lapd in 2008 for reporting abuses. and in his alleged manifesto he blames retired captain randy quon for gegt him fired stating i never had the opportunity to have a family of my own. i'm terminating yours. detectives believe dorner killed quon's daughter and her fiancee on sundayxzvz may target other police families. but the paigs swaigs is now so
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tense, officers opened fire on the wrong truck in torrance and wounded two innocent people thursday. officers say dorner tried hijacking a boat in san diego. his police badge was found in san diego. now his truck has been found the question remains where is dorner? and lapd officers doubling up while on duty. they've pulled their motorcycle officers from patrols. reporting in los angeles abc 7 news. >> what about other sightings of christopher dorner today?"h0 >> there have been several sightings in san diego but we found interesting is the u.s. navy did say he used as he still has a badge and used to it get into the navy base yesterday they have a record of him going in but zront a record of him leaving so now they'rew wr searching that area.
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as a precaution. >> thank you. >> if anything breaks we'll update you immediately. you can follow us on twitter on abc 7 news bay area for late breaking developments in this story. >> still ahead tonight on abc 7 news what customs agents found when searching three cars at the port of oakland someone trying to export ammo. >> a surge in smart phone thefts and what might be the best weapon. >> there san asteroid headed our way. this could do a lot of damage if it hkh8s the either a 7th grader sent her hello kitty doll into space. why and where it wound
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federal agents with the department of u.s. customs and border protection have seized 2300 rounds of ammunition from a port of oakland bound for monday goala. nick smith intok a team leading this investigation and live now at port with the latest for us. nick? >> get this. agents found ammunition used for shotgun shells and high power rifleses but it's where they found these that made things interesting. take a look. box after box of shotgun shells seized by custom and border protection agents after what should have been a routine inspection turned up more than they were looking
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for. agents were matching vehicle codes they noticed ammo rounds in full view inside of the car. that was enough for agents to take the container off the ship. what they found would lead them to seize everything inside. >> when they started to go through the vehicle they found ammunition concealed in the air filters. >> that is right. more than 2000 rounds of small game bullets and shotgun shells a n.all agents say the owner tried to conceal more than 2300 rounds of ammo and as you can see in these pictures most rounds are still in their boxes. hundreds of containers movedded through the port every day making inspection of everyone of them tough for border protection acts. agents won't say what it was about this particular contain skbrer manifest that drew
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their intention. but tell me that they regularly use a mix of intertuition and experience when performing inspections now. failure to declare to smuggle ammunition is against the law. and after " agents determined that that individual was not part of a larger crime ring. however, they did lose everything. the car ammunition and all of the merchandise inside totalling $45,000. at the port of oakland nick smith abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. a few years ago this type of crime was unheard of. now, the theft of electronic devices is soaring. today, supervisors tried to get facts figures as well as answers on what is being done to stop thieves. >> how much attention do you pay when you're walking down the street texting or talking on your cell phone?(óha >> she kept walking and they
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didn't look up. >> that inattention could make you a victim of a crime of opportunity. thefts of cell phones and lap tops are soaring. thieves snatch and go. >> you're just standing there like this? and owe could have just run up behind you. >> i would have chased you down. >> you probably could have caught me easy lie some folks not so much though. it's a good point. >> san francisco police say half of the robberies in the city are now cell phones. today the supervisor scott weiner held a hearing to get an update on what is being done to prevent the crime. >> we can't expect people not to carry phones around with them that. is reality of modern life wex need to be careful and need to make sure we're aggressively going after criminals. >> the district attorney says it's persuing nearly 400 cell phone crime cases and in talk
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was the industry on how to make their products less valuable to thieves. >> whether or not it can't be used, whether or not.cqi it's more easily tracked there many different areas we can possibly work to make this a less attractive option. >> cell phones aren't just being grabbed from people on the streets. nearly 400 passengers reported cell phone thefts last year. that is why they rolled out a public awareness campaign and have fare inspectors give a heads up to the clueless. >> just walking down the street. someone asked do you have the time. someone came and grabbed the cell phone. >> heads up in san francisco abc 7 news.o7j >> yes.imñvl&h let's pay attention to weather now.
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>> yes. there is rain around here. >> yes. >> there is is a live i view from our east bay hills looking at western sky becoming cloudy all of a sudden. so that is where most of the shower activity is right now. actually most of it is off shore but what is hitting land areas is falling north bay right now. you can see how active this is pushing eastward and slightly south ward. moving into parts of marin county now. and into seera chains still required at major highways there. accumulation reached a few inches of new snow there. back in the bay area temperatures mainly into 40s inland location around the it's going to get a bit cooler.
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isolated thundershower or two. snow levels down below 3,000 feet. higher peaks could see snow during early morning or overnight hours. and dry yes milder in the weekend. beach hazard is in effect through saturday morning. next two mornings friday saturday high tides around 6.8 feet repektively. those two days will be a good idea to stay away from the coastline. satellite shows this area of cold showers around this low pressure system. to the northest wave of hours waving in our direction right now. most of the shower activity then will be into the north bay moving towardsg%5 golden gate sliding south ward but over next few hours more of that shower activity moving inland across peninsula and down into south day of santa cruz
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mountains by 1:00 in thezyç morning mixed precipitation shower continued move about 5:00 in the morning rush hour begins wet spots into east bay south bay. and it will be tapering off significantrylee in the north bay and a lot of activity off shore which is more likely to occur by the way. later in the day dry conditions and isolated shower or two into afternoon hours but not a great chance of that. over into sierra we do have a winter weather advisory in effect until a 10:00 this evening. up to three inches of snow from this latest system now winding down. back to the bay area chilly into interior valleys lows dropping into 30s and low 40s around bait.;.çñ tomorrow a cool day. we'll see sunshine into afternoon. high temperatures into low to
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mid-50s, sunny:a=k dry conditions slightly milder weather next week. by the end of the week temperatures into mid-60s. next 24 hours it will be a bit chilly cold showers overnight. many thunderstorms off shorks mainly snow into higher peak autos we're ready. >> thank you very much. >> coming up a successful test run for boeing troubled new dream liner. >> just how success
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boeing won permission to conduct new test flights of the troubled 767 -- 787 dream liner. until now had this is the only flight that has been approved by the government. the national transportation safety board said it found a short in the lithium battery of a plane that caught fire. officials unable to say what caused it but they're reviewing the design which is made in japan. all flights from san jose to tokyo have been cancelled through the end of march. >> a small asteroid measuring 150 feet across will buzz by
6:24 pm
earthújdfñ. it's dubbed 2012 da 14 discovered in february now traveling more than 17,000 miles per hour. and scientists say it will thread the gap between low earth orbit and higher orbits. experts say there is no chance that it will hit earth. >> this is a long way rather close cosmicly. inside of the ring of satellites that in 24 hours orbit. >> 2012 da 14 will pass by close enough to be seen through binoculars or a telescope. it will be moving so fast it will be almost impossible to get a glimpse. >> things looking up in san jose. so says the mayor. why he is prop yogs a tax
6:25 pm
increase? next. >> and a campaign to curb gun violence through some of the toughest firearms restrictions. news at can 6:00
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the mayor of the bay area's largest city gives his state of the state city address in about 30 minutes. david louie is live with the preview of that for us. >> the mayor thinks residents might be willing to pay myer sales taxes if the money can go to hiring more police officers and restoring pay cuts. the reason is rising crime. >> san jose had four homicides so far this year. and a string of robberies. >> crime has gone up. it's scary. y know? thinking about safety of kids and everybody. >>ó)
6:29 pm
needs to be addressed. >> interest there is not enough offices to respond to calls when people are in danger. >> is that an issue that needs to be8 >> i think yes. everybody believe that's. >> the mayor won't disappoint and gave us a preview saying beefing up police will be a top priority. >> priority to restore capacity in the police department. we'll start working on that now with savings we should able to add officers but in the short run we need to retain officers we have. >> skeptics wonder if the mayor can fix a problem he created by pushing for benefits that cause officers to leave. >> this made the problem worse by demoralizing thephx7
6:30 pm
at san jose city hall david louie abc 7 news. >>4wk
6:31 pm
we have to work on sparing other parents. >> some lawmakers see the bills as more restrictions pointing out proposals won't have stopped tragedies like sandy hook. >> won't stop those killers would be someone lawfully carrying with a concealed carry weapons permit. >> democrats stay they want to vote on the bill next month maybe two. >> mike thompsonn/oñ unveiled recommendations for his task force today. abc 7 news is here now with
6:32 pm
biggest hurdle facing this. mark? >> there are 15 recommendations outlined today. and no surprise it's made up of democratic members of the house followed closely on the president's lead first mike thompson said he supports the second amendment. >> i'm in the interested in giving up my guns. i won't ask anyone else to give up guns. >> what he is asking for congress to pass laws banning high capacity magazine clips. they want to reinstate a ban on assault weapons and require background checks for every gun sale. >> if you're against background checks you're for letting people who shouldn't have guns have guns. they came up with 15 recommendations and making
6:33 pm
mental health services more available but big three are ban on assault magazine clips and an assault weapons ban. of those the biggest hurdle "don't know what justification is for an assault weapon. i just don't know. >> hairy reid asked this weekend if he would support it. >> i didn't vote for this last time because it's -- it didn't make sense. i'll take a look. r support in the house for an assault weapons ban pelosi deflected the question saying it's not yet time to count votes. >> we should move as boldly as possible and see what are where we come the out rather than throwing in the towel on something that has no justification. >> pelosi added she believes there is a small window of
6:34 pm
time to get something done. she wants it to be bold and effectivetrzjg. >> coming up next an antioch girl's science project goes viral. >> the planning behind her mission to send ñ
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as become a sensation. >> thanks to a you tube video and commitment to sending her hello kitty doll into space. >> abc 7 news has the story and you're seeing it only on abc 7h&hbn news. this is not your average 7th grade science project but sending a hello kitty doll into space seemed like a perfect idea. >> my dad and i were watching tv. there is about these three guy who's sent4[y a weather balloon up into space. >> all stills tims go. >> the flight made into a you tube video by a family friend
6:38 pm
images captured by mounting four cam trooz a rocket shaped gondola. it came perfect a specialized company in colorado. >> i'm blown away and i think she did an amazing job. it thrilled my heart to see someone just find something in sigh he yens they owe love and go for it. >> it reached altitude of 18 milgs and thanks to a parachute kitty floated back to earth. and settled in a tree. >> were you glad to see it?. >> oh my gosh. yes. i was unhappy it landed in a tree i was like how are we going to get it down? we called an oshorist. >> lauren's flight caught on with more than 300,000 views on you tube. the project has been successful but one hurdle is ahead. the8
6:39 pm
>> are you nervous? >> yes. i am. i get in front of a large crowd i get a little scared but i can't wait to tell them about the project. >> fun. >> up next the story you'll see on abc 7 news tonight. >> my conversation with two local police chiefs they tell me they can do better. st well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible.
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five weeks into the new year police are trying to prevent the same level of violence seen in 2012 in oakland and san francisco. oakland off to a bloody start. four people killed in just one day in january. tonight only on abc 7 an interview with top cops in both cities. they sit down to answer questions about what's happening on the streets and what they plan to do about it. >> you said violent crime wait rait in oakland was embarrassing to the city you
6:43 pm
and. why are you embarrassed?. >> it's important that our officers and direction we give is to protect the citizens of oakland. i don't think that we were able to do a very good job of doing that. >> the murders made that clear. 131 people killed on the streets last year. the most since 2006 when 168 people lost their lives to violence. burglaries up by more than 40% roughly 33 every day in 2012. >> you're not making an excuse you're saying you can do better? >> you sit in that office on thekwmk first day of being a chief you realize the buck stops with you. >> accountability is something san francisco police chief accepts and expects. this department investigated 68 murders in 2012. >> dombb/ you take itéé >> totally. i don't think anyone should want their chief of police to be any different.
6:44 pm
if you don't it's not the job for you. we own it. >> part of owning sit dealing with officer who's fall short ef expectations or worse. this video shows san francisco cops entering residential hotel room was out warrants and sometimes stealing. police had challenge was trust as well. their aggressive response to occupy protests didn't help which is why they asked officers to build relationship was people on their beats in person and online. >> there is a up tick in cooperation. >> do you attribute that chief to the level of violence that we've seen that it may be taping.people decided we can't sit back and take it anymore? >> that is one of the reasons dan when that starts to happen they start to trust the system
6:45 pm
understand what it takes to cooperate with2é!x police. how important to be a part profit ses. >> cops talking with the community help predict crime. >> we put effort into finding people and preventing the next murder from happening. >> but you haven't. tide is not being stemmed in terms of killings on the streets. >> in some areas we've made a lot of stride predicting or trying to predict where the next shooting is going take place. >> that is made tougher when you're down hundreds of officersj8uç. >> if you're going call to call you don't get to do that. >> that is what you're doing? >> as best as we can here. >> you
6:46 pm
cops. >> the chief says just get me back to what voter as proved in 1971. >> you don't hear me ask for another officer until i goat 1971. >> that is not likely to happen soon. these two must protect people as best they can what they have. so that end both approach crime as a regional problem officers work cases on both sides of the wrij. >> i think it's just going to get better and better. >> oakland's crime problem san francisco's? >> absolutely. >> i asked bothjj7ut gun control. after the tragedy. and both supports the rights of gun owners they believe there needs to be change.
6:47 pm
i did not include the chief of police of600; the other major city because there is another new interim chief inñb z place. >> let's get another check on the forecast right now. >> here is a look alt live doppler 7 hd. i'll give you a look looping at radar on a cell right now. we can track this for you over we're going to have down pours with these showers tomorrow state wide a mixed picture dry conditions into the northern half of the state. there will be snow over the sierra. light snow. here inpa&z÷ the bay area we expect showers tapering off during overnight hours.i?isñ
6:48 pm
and a cool day. high temperatures into 50s. here is the accu-weather forecast. we begin drying out late tomorrow continuing throughout the weekend. and we'll have sunnier milder weather next week. >> thank you. >> larry beil maitd back from the super bowl. >> in one piece. >> yes. from bourbon street yes. i survived bourbon street and so did bourbon street. rain was expected and never arrived. bill murray up to his old antics. highlights tonight. next in sportsdays of walking to give
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a breast cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. it was such a beautiful experience. (jessica lee) ♪ and it's beautiful ♪ (woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because your efforts help komen serve millions of women and men facing breast cancer every year. visit to register or to request more information today. it was 3 days of pure joy. ♪ and it's beautiful ♪
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last year jim harbaugh played pebble beach his caddy was alex smith no. going to happen today. these such cute kids. that is not as cute. bill murray with mutton chopz
6:52 pm
autographed this woman's forhead. he's serious about the game. he's a 12 handicap. look at approach shot and roll back to within 15 feet of the hole. this makes a cloud and fog. former secretary of state condoleezza rice pretty good golfer. james hahn with a birdie putt. that view is so beautiful with the ocean. long birdie on seven tied with russell knox for the lead. he thought this year's squad would be better than 2011-2012 team. turns out h( was right. cal number one in the nation boasting number one player in the nation.
6:53 pm
in six terms won five times. >> it's apparently zero. it's nice. >> if you're going through this i came in weak still weak now. been gaining weight and getting stronger. just getting better and better. >> he's the first coach ever to receive the honor. one of the former players is james hahn. and this is on 25 foot birdie putt. gangnam style. >> that is a show. no. i didn't teach him that. he was ready skd and he goes
6:54 pm
i'm just not that cool. so that was quite a show. >> if i'm the rapper cy, i'm concerned. king felix being paid a king's ransom. an agreement on a contract extension seven years and $175 million. the 26-year-old one of the best pictures in baseball with 200 strikeouts. he's back. former saints defensive coordinator reinstated by nfl he takes over titans record 471 points last year it's funny. yesterday national signing day.
6:55 pm
his mom ran off with the letter of intent. she swooped in and took out paper work and just ran away. today dad was by his side and he officially signed with arkansas much to mom's dismay. >> you've got to love mom. >> she wants to keep her son home. >> join me tonight on cable channel 13. coming up former police chief william bratton going to talk about the case that sent a cop on a rampage. >> we're tracking showers. >> shopping for roses how much will you pay and where you should go. >> and on jimmy kimmel live dr. phil and tim mcgraw. >> good line up.m)%áñ
6:56 pm
>> from all of us here at abc 7 news thanks for joining us. >> see this is the "jeopardy!"
6:57 pm
teen tournament. introducing today's semifinalists -- a sophomore from englewood, ohio... ...a senior from mound, minnesota... ...and a junior from macon, georgia... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thanks, johnome, ladies a and welcome, ladies and
6:58 pm
gentleman. a senior from lexington, kentucky, was most impressive in our first semifinal match yesterday. who gets to shine today? will it be kelton, joe, or tori? good luck. we're gonna start finding out right now. here comes the jeopardy! round. and these are the categories. we start off with... you have to identify the city in... and, finally an a.p. history test for you but each correct response will begin with either an "a" or a "p." kelton, start us. let's go with religions for $200, alex. kelton. what is islam? right. religions for $400.
6:59 pm
kelton, again. who is bacchus? bacchus or dionysus. yes. religions for $600 please. kelton. what is judaism? good. religions for $800. kelton. what is evangelicalism? little more specific. what is charismatic evangelicalism? no. joe or tori? joe. who are jehovah's witnesses? no. tori's not gonna ring in be a this? "what is pentecostal?" that's what we were going for. kelton, we come back to you, though. religions for $1,000 alex. answer -- daily double.on [ applause ] you have but $400. however, you can risk up to $1,000. i'll risk $1,000. okay. here is the clue. what is sikhism?

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